Submitted by Tornado Dragon

Scott (John Gatins) infected with the Leprechaun’s (Warwick Davis) blood and becoming a Leprechaun himself and Tammy (Lee Armstrong) head back to the pawn shop where all the trouble began to find out what they could on the Leprechaun. While looking at the information on Leprechauns on the dead pawn shop owner’s computer, Scott & Tammy learn that to kill the Leprechaun, they must destroy his gold. After escaping attacks from the Leprechaun at the pawn shop and later at the hospital (where Tammy took Scott to to try to get him some help for his worsening condition), Scott informs the Leprechaun that the magician Fazio (John DeMita) has his wishing coin, so the Leprechaun heads back to the Lucky Shamrock Casino to claim it. Scott & Tammy immediately pursue him.

After the Leprechaun kills Fazio during one of his shows, Scott and Tammy arrive. Tammy gets a hold of the coin, but before she can make a wish to the Leprechaun’s detriment, the Leprechaun stops her, knocking the coin from her hand. The Leprechaun then tries to entice Scott with his pot of gold, telling him to join him and be given incredible power, but Tammy tries to convince Scott to destroy the gold and kill the Leprechaun. Scott ends up listening to Tammy, using Fazio’s flamethrower to destroy the gold, and the Leprechaun is set ablaze and charred to death. Scott is returned to normal, and he and Tammy kiss.

When they step outside the casino, Tammy shows Scott the wishing coin, remarking that they could have just about anything they wanted. Scott says it is her call, but she tells him she think she got everything she wanted anyway (Scott, of course), and throws the coin away before she and Scott leave for elsewhere.