Submitted by Tornado Dragon

Tory (Jennifer Aniston) learns from Alex (Robert Gorman) that he hid the gold in the well bucket, and she retrieves it and gives it back to the Leprechaun (Warwick Davis). However, when the Leprechaun counts all the gold coins, he finds a coin is missing, which was the coin Ozzie (Mark Holton) accidentally swallowed. The Leprechaun tries to go after them again, and after temporarily fending him off, Tory learns from Ozzie that Dan O’Grady (Shay Duffin), the previous owner of the house who trapped the Leprechaun in the crate, would know how to kill it, since he told him stories about leprechauns as a kid. She goes to the rest home O’Grady is living in, but the Leprechaun is already there (and also gets revenge on O?Grady in the process), and chases her into an elevator, and sends a dying O’Grady through the roof of the elevator. O’Grady tells Tory with his dying breaths that the only way to kill it is to touch it with a four-leaf clover.

Tory returns to the house, and with Nathan (Ken Olandt) and Ozzie’s help, she finds a four-leaf clover in the clover patch behind the house. However, the Leprechaun attacks Alex as he is setting up a bear trap in the barn to protect himself with, but before he can be harmed, Ozzie shows up and tells the Leprechaun he swallowed his last coin. The Leprechaun goes after him, tackles him, and starts cutting his face up with one of his shoe buckles, but then Alex appears, attaching the four-leaf clover to a wad of chewing gum and sling shooting it down into the Leprechaun’s gullet. The Leprechaun’s flesh begins to melt away, and he falls down into the well. He manages to climb back up, still demanding his gold, but Nathan knocks him back down into the well, and then pours gasoline down it and sets it on fire.

The next day, police arrive to assist the survivors, but down in the well, the Leprechaun’s voice is heard, saying he won’t rest until he finds his gold, and he’ll find a way to get out of the well someday.