Submitted by Evan B

In this anthology, most of the perverted/mean-spirited people get killed or tortured in often very unpleasant ways.

Long Ending:
This anthology is comprised of three short segments all centering around sexual deviants getting their just desserts (or would be, if the writing had been any good).

In the first (and best – though still not all that good) segment, Richard (Luke de Lacey) and Victoria Gull (Siubhan Harrison) spy on a homeless woman named Sorrow (Holly Lucas) and her homeless boyfriend. Victoria demands that Richard invite the girl to their home (and it is revealed that they have invited homeless people over before). Sorrow is lured to the Gulls’ house by money, Richard’s show of religious devotion, and the promise of a bath and good meal. During dinner, Sorrow is drugged. She awakens with Richard raping her and insulting her social status (both Richard and Victoria feel their wealth entitles them to do as they will with the homeless). Richard goes to the shower while Victoria begins to sexually assault and taunt Sorrow. After his shower, Richard hears Victoria scream. He finds that Sorrow has turned into a sort of beast, has slashed Victoria’s throat open, and is eating Victoria’s breasts. Richard tries to flee bus is captured by Sorrow’s boyfriend and other homeless, all of whom are also beasts. It ends with Sorrow and her boyfriend discussing how they will keep Richard alive as long as possible while they eat him.

In the second segment, we meet Jen (Jodie Jameson), a former prostitute who now dates and lives with her former pimp. Jen still turns tricks from time to time, much to her boyfriend’s chagrin. Her boyfriend sets Jen up for therapy sessions with a sketchy psychiatrist who prescribes her some pills. We learn these pills are created out of semen milked from a man with a supernaturally large penis. The psychiatrist is secretly a Nazi doctor and the man is some sort of genetic experiment that was begun under the Nazi regime. The man is fed human kidneys from people Jen’s boyfriend murders. The pills cause Jen to hallucinate/see into people’s memories and also make her hyper-sexual. Meanwhile, the man with the large penis eventually dies. At that same time, Jen overdoses on the pills and her boyfriend calls the psychiatrist for help. When Jen awakens, she discovers that she is now caged up and has had the giant penis grafted onto her body (and it still produces the hallucinogenic semen). She is fed the kidneys of her boyfriend, whom the psychiatrist murdered.

In the last segment, we follow the relationship between Claire (Kate Braithwaite) and Pete (Tom Sawyer). Claire is into BDSM and is a dominant. Pete does not appear to enjoy the humiliating sexual experiences, but endures them in hopes that Claire will love him. She rarely lets Pete have “vanilla” sex with her and even when she does, she masturbates afterwards to humiliate him. The only tender moments between the couple come when Claire endures panic attacks due to her paralyzing fear of dogs (in those moments, Pete comforts her and she thanks him). One night, Pete snaps after Claire seduces his best friend in front of him and allows his friend to have vanilla sex with her. Pete goes around the city buying dogs and collecting stray dogs. He then buys Claire handcuffs and other restraints and convinces her to let him tie her to their bed. Once tied up, he retrieves all his dogs and brings them up to their apartment. He pours beef gravy on Claire and then lets the dogs into their room so that they can eat her. Pete begins to cry as he leaves the apartment and ignores the sounds of the dogs eating their meal as well as Claire’s screams for help and cries of pain.