Submitted by Evil Ed

Robey (Andy Serkis) livestreams the torture and murder of his victims from a mansion in Norway using the codename “The Red Bunker”. Luther (Idris Elba) and Raine (Cynthia Erivo) are forced to fight each other in the Bunker on livestream in order to keep Raine’s captive daughter, Anya (Lauryn Ajufo) from being harmed.

When Luther reveals to Robey that the police have learned their location from his ex-wife Georgette (Tara Fitzgerald), before she was murdered by Archie (Thomas Coombes), and that the police are heading to the mansion, all of the viewers abandon the livestream. Archie commits suicide when confronted by Schenk (Dermot Crowley).

After much violence, Luther, Anya, and Raine escape the mansion. Robey and Luther fall through a frozen lake. Robey drowns, but Luther is rescued.

As Luther recuperates in hospital, he is visited by an MI5 operative. Perhaps Luther is given a choice between being sent back to prison or working for MI5.

02 hours 09 minutes