Submitted by Jeremy

Marcel the Shell has a documentarian, Dean, observe him and his grandmother Connie. Marcel’s cuteness and insight into the world around him lead to him becoming a major phenomenon. He uses the newfound popularity to help track down his family, who got taken when one of the previous house owners moved away.

Connie’s health begins to deteriorate, leading Marcel to worry about taking care of her. When “60 Minutes” wants to do an interview with Marcel, he is hesitant because of Connie, but she and Dean encourage him to go through with it. During the segment, Connie passes away.

Marcel mourns Connie but is later told that the “60 Minutes” crew tracked down the ex-girlfriend of the guy who took Marcel’s family. She brings the crew, plus Marcel and Dean, to the ex’s house, where they indeed locate Marcel’s family and bring them back home with him.

01 hours 30 minutes