Submitted by UncleSporkums

Max Rose (Jerry Lewis) finally decides to read the letter to his deceased wife Eva (Claire Bloom) that his Son, Christopher (Kevin Pollack) had found. It seems to be a devastating confirmation of his suspicions that Eva had been having an affair with the mysterious Ben Tracey (Dean Stockwell). A fellow resident of the retirement home Max has moved into, recognizes Tracey’s name from his youth, and obtains his address.

Max stops off at Christopher’s house to apologize for his behavior and to encourage him not to give up on his failing marriage. He then has Christopher drive him to Tracey’s mansion. Once inside, he finds Tracey to be an ailing, yet still somewhat arrogant mogul. After dodging Max’s questions about he and Eva, Max produces the engraved compact, which causes Tracey to break down in tears to know that she had kept it all those decades. He then confesses to Max that he did indeed have affections for Eva and desired to steal her away. After Max had gone off to his concert, Eva accepted Ben’s invitation to meet him. He offered her an art studio of her own, if she would only leave Max for him, and she refused. Undeterred, Ben then gave her the compact, stating that she would always have a choice. 

Vindicated, Max then leaves Ben to stew in his own bitterness, before calling his Granddaughter Annie (Kerry Bishie), and letting her know that she may leave to join her husband on tour, and leave him to the care of the retirement home.

Max then has a cab take him to his former, now empty house. As he explores its memories one last time, this is also intercut with a fantasy sequence that shows him walking towards Eva’s old room, which is emitting a bright, glowing light, which he is then enveloped by. Possibly giving the indication that although he is now leaving his former life behind, the loving memories of his Wife and Family will always be with him.