Submitted by Tornado Dragon

Lakeside Camp defeats the Twin Oaks Camp in the water skiing meet after Ricky executes a triple flip stunt in the ski jump event – a stunt that, up until then, only Neil had ever performed successfully – and gets three perfect scores, just edging his camp’s total score ahead of Twin Oaks’. Per a series of stakes set before the meet, Monica – the unscrupulous owner of Twin Oaks – is forced to pay off Lakeside’s debts and leave the camp alone forever. 

After Neil (Jack Nance) and the Lakeside Camp win the water skiing meet against her Twin Oaks Camp, Monica (Sarah Douglas) decides to get even with Lakeside by worsening their financial woes. She sends her lackeys Dick (John Mendoza) and Nunzio (Frank Walton) over to the camp to give the campers some unpleasant experiences, which causes a large amount of them to demand for Neil to refund their fees (and be sent back home), which he grants them even though he cannot really afford it. 

One night, Ricky (Corey Feldman) talks to Kelly (Deborah Tucker) alone, and she demands to know why he up and left her like he did a few years earlier without telling her why. He replies that he left because Neil always wanted the absolute best for her, and he never considered himself the best at anything, so he was afraid that he would destroy her future if he stayed with her. He came back to drum up attendance because Neil loved her and the camp and wanted to leave it to her when he died, so he (Ricky) wanted to see that she got it. She forgives him and kisses him. Neil then yells for Kelly, and when they go see him, he tells them that he is closing the camp for good tomorrow because the financial problems have become too much for him to handle.

As Ricky steps outside to give Kelly and Neil some alone time, Victor (Brad Grunberg) comes up to him to talk to him. Ricky then spots Dick and Nunzio sneaking around, so he and Victor follow them and discover how they are ruining the camp, and Ricky then goes back to Neil and tells him that he has a solution to his problems. The next day, Ricky meets with Monica and makes her an offer that Neil has approved: A second water skiing meet between their camps for the day after tomorrow, but with some stakes. If Twin Oaks wins, Neil will accept her offer to buy his camp, but if Lakeside wins, then she must pay off all of the camp’s debts and leave it alone forever. Monica takes the offer, but only after Ricky agrees to an extra stipulation where, if her camp wins, he will have to come back to work for her at minimum wage for five years.

At the meet, Lakeside initially doesn’t do well against Twin Oaks, thanks to some cheating on the part of Monica’s henchmen. However, when Victor catches them in the act, he, Wes (Bojesse Christopher), and Howie (J. Trevor Edmond) drive a motorboat into the dinghy they are sitting in, wrecking it and stopping their shenanigans. Come time for Lakeside’s turn in the final event, the ski jump, Twin Oaks is ahead by 29.5 points, and Ricky decides to do the event despite having hurt his leg in a previous event thanks to the goons. He ends up doing a special triple flip stunt that, up until then, only Neil has ever executed successfully, and he gets three perfect tens to win the meet for Lakeside. He then returns to the docks and kisses Kelly.

When everyone heads back home at the end of the summer, Ricky more or less makes it clear that he will be back in his role at the camp next summer.