Submitted by Spectre

A young teenage boy name Yuda is leaving his home to journey to Jarkata for “Merantau” a rite in passage in which he finds his own way. He intends to start a school to start martial arts. However, he crosses paths with Astri, a young dancer and her younger brother Adit. Astri is about to stolen into sexual slavery by Ratger, a European businessman.

Astri needs her dancing money to fund their escape so Yuda goes to retrieve it at the club. However, Astri is recaptured and Yuda pursues her but arrives too late as Ratger had raped Astri.

Yuda tracks them to a shipping yard where Ratger plans to ship Astri and plenty of girls overseas. Yuda fights Ratger’s men and them himself and his right hand man. Ratger’s right hand man is killed accidentally, and Yuda kills Ratger but not without Ratger getting in a wounding blow before dying. Yuda dies in Astri’s arms.

Astri recovers her brother and goes to live with Yuda’s family. Yuda’s mother sends young Adit to school and sees a flash of her dead son, and sorrowfully goes back inside.