Submitted by Evan B

Frankenstein wins the monster championship belt, but before he can retire to his abode, he is attacked by a now zombified Colonel Crookshanks. We also see Jimmy Hart being eaten by a zombie.

Long Ending:
The first-ever monster brawl (monsters wrestling to the death) is taking place in a cursed cemetery. There are two middleweight fights scheduled, followed by a heavyweight tournament. The surviving heavyweight champion will win the first ever monster championship belt. The commentators are Buzz Chambers (Dave Foley) and Sasquatch Sid Tucker (Art Hindle). The ringside announcer is Jimmy Hart (playing himself) and the celebrity referee is Herb Dean. Even god (voiced by Lance Henriksen) adds some comments throughout.

The fighters are as follows:



Battles (in order of occurrence):

Meanwhile, Sasquatch Sid Tucker attacks his co-host Buzz Chambers, who shoots Sid in the head with Sid’s own gun before taking a large swig from his seemingly bottomless flask. Frankenstein is confronted by a now zombified Colonel Crookshanks. The two combatants prepare to fight as the credits roll. After the credits, we see Jimmy Hart on the phone with his agent, raving about the money-making potential of the monster brawl. Before he can strike a deal, however, he is assaulted and eaten by a zombie.