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On the morning of the charity auction at the Hotel de Paris in Monte Carlo, Owen (Cory Monteith) – who is in Paris trying to find Emma (Katie Cassidy) – spots a newspaper article containing a photograph of her, Grace (Selena Gomez), and Meg (Leighton Meester) at Prince Domenico’s (Giulio Berruti) ball that they had went to days earlier and reads about the upcoming auction, so he makes haste to Monte Carlo. Meg returns to the hotel after having a wonderful night with Riley (Luke Bracey), and she kisses him goodbye because he is about to take a train to Italy (though he extends an invitation for her to come join him, as they fell for each other), but she forgets the expensive necklace that she put in his backpack after getting it from Emma before a date she had with Domenico. When she meets back up with Grace and Emma in their suite, they point out their picture in the paper and say that the necklace is worth millions, and then they all panic after Meg realizes where it is.

As they are planning to go after Riley, they see Cordelia (also Selena Gomez) arriving at the hotel and scramble to wipe out all traces of their having been in the suite. Cordelia gets up there before they are able to get out, but they successfully leave without being seen. The gals hurry to the train station but seemingly get there too late to stop Riley’s train, and Cordelia finds the earlier mentioned newspaper article and sees how Grace posed as her, then notices that the necklace is gone, so she calls the police, believing Grace robbed her. The trio decide to go back to the hotel on Grace’s urging to try to explain everything to Cordelia and Theo (Pierre Boulanger), and Owen arrives just after they leave. Upon their return, Theo – who has fallen for Grace but thinks she is Cordelia – appears and tells them that the auction will begin in five minutes, and Grace kisses him and promises that she will be back.

When they get up to the suite’s floor, they find Riley standing outside the suite with the necklace in hand and about to ring the doorbell, and Meg kisses him and tells him to wait in the lobby for her. Owen then shows up followed by a detective and a squad of cops, and as the cops speak with the receptionist, Theo questions them about what is going on. Meanwhile, the girls speak with Cordelia, who cold-heartedly tells them that she is turning them in for “stealing” the necklace and Grace impersonating her, and also says that she will be withdrawing the necklace from the auction, not caring about the charity at all. Seeing no other alternative, the girls tie her up and lock her in the bedroom so Grace can pose as her yet again and see that the auction takes place. The police and Theo show up just as Grace and Meg are ready to go, and Emma is left behind to guard Cordelia. While being escorted to the auction by the police, the girls cross paths with Riley and Owen, and Meg absent-mindedly tells the latter where Emma is.

Owen goes up to the suite and reconciles with Emma, but Cordelia gets free of her restraints and escapes. She gets down to the auction room just as the guilt-ridden Grace is about to admit who she really is, and exposes Grace as an imposter and demands for her arrest. Grace continues on with her admission, and she tries to tell Theo that not everything he knew about her was a lie, but Theo is too hurt by her deception to listen and leaves, saying that he thought she was different. Grace encourages everyone to help the Romanian and Kenyan schoolchildren that the auction is for and not let her mistake get in the way of that, and Cordelia’s aunt Alicia (Catherine Tate) then appears and bids €6 million for the necklace, helping Grace out of her jam. Cordelia still demands for Grace’s arrest and tells the detective how they stole her necklace and tied her up, but he points out that both she and the necklace are here, so making an arrest would be pointless. Grace, Emma, and Owen later get into the car of Theo’s father Bernard (Christophe Malavoy) so they can be taken to the airport and get a flight back to Texas, but Meg tells them that she is going to join Riley on his backpacking adventures for a few months. Grace tells Bernard to tell Theo that she said goodbye and that he was right in that she is different, and Bernard replies that Theo knows that.

Some time later, Meg and Riley are shown reaching the top of Machu Picchu, and Emma and Owen are living happily together in Texas. Grace is shown doing volunteer work at a new children’s school under construction in Romania, and one day, Theo – who is making his first-ever visit to one of these schools to go over its development – shows up to do his work and spots Grace as she is leaving to make an errand. He gets her attention, and they start making steps towards beginning their relationship anew.

*In a deleted scene, Cordelia is forced by her mother and Alicia to spend her entire summer at a farm in Minnesota that her family owns, as a means of getting her to re-evaluate her priorities and start doing away with her rotten attitude.