Submitted by Mr. Scissorhands

Fin (Ethan Hawke) falls for Estella (Gwyneth Paltrow) when he firsts meets her. He continues to go to the broken hearted and left at the alter Ms.Dinsmoor’s (Anne Bancroft) house to see her. Then Stella goes to study abroad and leaves Fin.He works with his uncle as a fisherman until a lawyer comes to see Fin. He gives Fin 1000 dollars and a plane ticket to New York to paint. It’s led to believe that the client is just someone who really likes Fin’s work. So he goes and after a short time there, he sees Stella. They have lunch together with her boyfriend Walter (Hank Azaria).

Fin paints Stella in multiple pictures but days later tells Fin she is engaged. At a party for his upcoming show, he ends up leaving and running to Stella. She and him start to dance and then they run to his apartment. They sleep together and then she leaves. She runs off and gets married to Walter. His show arrives and he sells every painting. He tries to find Stella and runs into Ms.Dinsmoor. She tells him that he was just training for Stella. She wanted Stella to break many men’s hearts like she had hers broken. Fin then tells her he really loved her and Ms.Dinsmoor can’t believe what she has done. On his way back home, this old man asks to use his phone. He lets him into his studio but after pretending to call the cops about some armed guys waiting for him outside, he tells Fin who he is. He was the criminal in the beginning of the movie he helped. Fin tries to help get him to JFK to go to Paris. The armed guys end up following them and while chasing them onto a subway car, one of them stabs the old man Arthur (Robert De Niro). As Arther dies in Fin’s arms, he tells Fin that it was him who paid for his ticket, studio, supplies and bought all of his paintings because he believed so much in Fin and for everything he did. He then dies in Fin’s arms.

Fin then goes to Paris and paints more but comes back home to Florida to see his uncle. He goes to Ms.Dinsmoor’s house once more after learning she has died few years ago. Just so happens that as he is sitting outside, he sees a blonde haired girl just like he did many years ago. He follows her and sees her mother, Stella. He learns Stella has gotten a divorce and the two decide to try their love again after Stella asks for forgiveness. It ends with them holding hands on the beach.