Submitted by Tornado Dragon

The Master (Tom Neyman) kills Torgo (John Reynolds) for wanting to have Margaret (Diane Mahree) as his own wife. Margaret, Michael (Hal Warren) & Debbie (Jackey Neyman) escape the house, and the Master and his brides go out into the desert to find them. After running for a short while, the family decides to secretly head back to the house to hide, since they figured the Master wouldn’t think about looking for them there.

They go back, and as they head towards the bedroom to hide in it, the Master steps out of it. Michael shoots him a few times with his revolver at point-blank range, but the bullets have no effect. The screen then fades to black, indicating that they have come under the Master’s power.

Michael takes Torgo’s spot as the Master’s servant, and Margaret and Debbie are made wives of the Master. The next day, two lost female motorists stop at the house to ask for directions, where the entranced Michael greets them. The end credits roll.