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Natural Enemy
(1997- TV)

Stanley Knox is Jeremy Harper’s biological father who along with Sandy Robards (Lesley Ann Warren) gave Jeremy up for adoption during their teens. Jeremy destroys his father’s life by seducing Stanley’s wife Gina then beating her to death before commiting patracide. He makes it look like murder suicide, due to Sandy showing up at his house to find Stanley lynched from the rafters. Jeremy poses as Sandy’s stepson Chris to fool Christina D’Amelio so he can suffocate her and dump her down a rubbish chute. He reveals his true identity to his mother on the night before his birth and plans to kill Sandy at midnight. Sandy’s husband Ted (Donald Sutherland) tries to climb up the rubbish chute to reach mother and son (coming across Christina in the process) but Jeremy hears him pours petrol down the chute and ignites it. Ted slides down to evade them flames winding up in a dumpster, but is too slow to tube out of the dumpster. His naturally upset son flings a bucket of nails into a moving fan whilst Jeremy is standing on a construction gang walk showering his face and causing him to loose his footing and plunge down onto the indoor rock garden below, where Jeremy dies a messy death as his mother looks on.

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