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The movie starts with Nadine Hightower (Kim Basinger) wanting to retrieve some ‘artistic’ photos that a local photographer, Raymond Escobar (Jerry Stiller), took of her for money. The photographer gets stabbed in the back and hands Nadine an envelope. Nadine thinking it’s her photos grabs the envelope and leaves the man for dead. It turns out the envelope has property maps but no personal photos.

Vernon Hightower (Jeff Bridges), Nadine’s almost ex-husband, helps Nadine try and retrieve her photos on a late night breaking and entering. Vernon finds the property maps and hatches a plan for money making.

Buford Pope (Rip Torn) has Nadine’s photos and the maps are his. He kidnaps Nadine and Vernon with the help of Dwight Estes (Jay Patterson), Vernon’s third cousin laywer twice removed. Once Buford has the maps he gets his goons to kill them all. Vernon and Nadine capture Buford and get the maps back.

They all end up in the police station. The police are going to put Vernon in jail for having the maps. Nadine did a switch and she hid the maps somewhere.

The movie fades to black with Nadine telling Vernon ‘trust me’.
We can only assume that Nadine and Vernon get back together and fix up their bar.