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The film is based on the true story of the American Samoa soccer team, notorious for being the lowest-ranked team in the world. Disgraced coach Thomas Rongen reluctantly agrees to take a coaching position for the team, despite knowing how bad they are. After bonding with members such as FFAS (Football Federation of American Samoa) president Tavita Taumua, as well as players like Jaiyah Saelua, Thomas begins to understand the team’s customs and relates to them on an emotional level.

The team goes to a qualifying match to play against their rival, Tonga. After starting off poorly, Thomas flips out on the team and almost quits until Tavita talks him down. Thomas admits to the team that he has blamed himself for the death of his daughter after she got into a car accident when he wasn’t there, and this breakthrough lets him encourage the team to play for fun. American Samoa then scores their first two goals and succeeds in their match against Tonga, although they lose the following match to qualify for the World Cup.

Thomas stays on the island while taking a different job and having a closer bond with the team.

01 hours 44 minutes