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A remake of the 1988 horror classic of the same name.

Many years ago, the owner of the Broussard Mansion leaps off the balcony of her house with a noose around her neck during a Halloween dinner seance she held with six of her friends. None of her friend’s bodies were ever found, but the owner’s maid was found having gone crazy and writing symbols and an insane story all over the wall. Flash forward to the present day, where Angela (Shannon Elizabeth) holds a huge Halloween party in the since abandoned mansion. The police break it up after only an hour. After most of the people have left, the gates to the mansion are mysteriously locked, stranding Angela, Maddie (Monica Keena), Colin (Edward Furlong),  Jason (John F. Beach), Suzanne (Bobbie Sue Luther), Lily (Diora Baird), and Dex (Michael Copon) inside the mansion for the night. While looking for drugs that Colin stashed in the basement when the police arrived, they find a hidden room with six corpses inside. While trying to pull a gold tooth out of one of the corpse’s mouth, Angela is bitten by a corpse and soon becomes possessed by a demon.

Angela manages to also turn Suzanne, Lily and Dex into demons until the other three discover what is going on. After several unsuccessful escape attempts, Maddie, Colin, and Jason lock themselves in a room and discover that the room is protected by the symbols written by the maid and that the demons can’t enter it. After peeling all the paint off the walls, they discover that the demons attacking them were exiled from Hell for trying to overthrow Satan. Each Halloween, they may try to possess seven humans, and if they are successful, they will destroy the entire world. A person can be turned into a demon through either being kissed or bitten by a demon. If the demons do not succeed before dawn, they will have to wait until next year. They discover that the former owner leapt off the balcony to stop herself from being possessed and to save the world. The trio are tricked to leaving the room by the demons (who cast a spell to make it appear as though dawn has arrived) and the demons manage to convert Jason into a demon. Colin and Maddie escape back to the room, but Colin falls through a patch of rotted wood in the floor and also is converted into a demon. Just before dawn arrives, Maddy goes off to fight the six demons, and when she discovers that she can’t defeat them, she ties a noose around her neck and leaps off of the roof to hang herself. The sun rises, and the demon’s corpses all return to the hidden room in the basement. Maddie, it turns out, is still alive as she had tied a hidden rope around her waist to break her fall before the noose broke her neck. She yells out that demons are stupid, finds that the gate is now unlocked, and leaves the mansion.

Order of turning into a demon – Angela (bitten by a demon corpse); Dex (while playing spin the bottle, his bottle lands on demon-Angela who straddles and makes out with him); Suzanne (Turned while demon-Dex has anal sex with her); Lily (After Lily gets drunk, demon-Angela makes out with her before biting Lily’s face off); Jason (after they are tricked into leaving the room, Angela rips open his stomach with her mouth); Colin (it is never shown definitively how he is turned into a demon)