Submitted by Spectre

The town’s prosperity is linked to a pact made a hundred years ago by the local church parishioner Silas Goodman and a mysterious stranger. In exchange for getting free reign of the town, he would make the town rich and prosperous. However, Goodman took offense to the stranger’s actions, including the seduction of his daughter. So, the town broke their word, poisoned the stranger, and had him crucified. Burning his body and encasing it in the ground. As long as the bones remained interred, the town and the Goodman family would continue to prosper.

After the local drunk Danny (John Hawkes) breaks open the tomb, the stranger’s spirit takes over a scarecrow and starts wreaking havoc, killing off numerous members of the Goodman family in revenge and to retrieve his spellbook for his return to power. Claire (Elizabeth Barondes) learns of her family’s sordid history and of the stranger’s spellbook which can kill him for good. After numerous close calls, Claire and Dillion (John Mese) are able to find the Scarecrow’s bones which he is linked to. After an attempt to burn them fails, Dillion uses a plow driver to smash the coffin, destroying the bones and The Scarecrow for good. A tired and beaten Claire and Dillion escape into the night.

01 hours 25 minutes