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Darren Aronofsky’s take on The Great Flood Myth of Genesis.

Methuselah (Anthony Hopkins) gives Noah (Russell Crowe) a seed from the Garden of Eden that, when planted, sprouts a huge forest. With the help of The Watchers, stone creatures that are fallen angels, Noah builds an Ark to survive The Great Flood.

Two-by-two, animals arrive to board the Ark, and Noah’s family sedates them using incense. When the rains come, Methuselah restores Ila’s (Emma Watson) fertility, but remains behind to die in the flood. Ham (Logan Lerman) is forced to leave Na’el (Madison Davenport) behind when her foot gets caught in a bear trap, and she is trampled to death by the mob that is attacking the Ark. Ila and Noah’s family board the Ark, while the Watchers hold off the mob. The Watchers ascend to Heaven for this good deed after they are killed. Tubal-cain (Ray Winstone) stows away on the Ark as the flood waters wipe out humanity.

Tubal-cain convinces Ham (who is angry at Noah about the death of Na’el) to help him kill Noah. Shem (Douglas Booth) is angry at Noah, because Noah wants to kill Ila’s offspring if they are female, in order to remove the corruption of humanity from the world. But when Shem attacks Noah, Ham kills Tubal-cain before Tubal-cain can kill Noah. Ila gives birth to twin daughters. When Noah sees them, his heart softens, and he spares them.

Noah, his family, and Ila, survive the flood. Then, Noah goes off the deep end, hiding in a cave and drinking himself into unconsciousness, because he believes he is a failure, and a terrible person. When Ham sees Noah lying face down asleep and naked on the beach, he gets disgusted at his father, and leaves to walk the Earth alone. Ila urges Noah to reconcile with his family, which Noah does, and the united family sees rainbows in the sky.

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