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Debbie and the team successfully steal the Toussaint necklace, and frame Claude for the crime. Debbie and Lou then reveal that not only was Daphne in on the plan, they also stole the Crown Jewels on display at the Met. The unknown 9th member of team, The Amazing Yen (from the original Ocean’s movies) climbed down from the rafters of the Met and switched out the Crown Jewels with fakes.

Debbie Ocean (Sandra Bullock), the younger sister of the late Danny Ocean, is paroled from prison and immediately travels to New York City. Once there, she tracks down her former partner Lou (Cate Blanchett) and tells her of the plan she came up with in prison. Lou agrees to join her and together they assemble the rest of the team. Rose (Helena Bonham Carter) is a past-her-prime fashion designer who is deep in debt. Amita (Mindy Kaling) is a jewelry designer who is anxious to find a boyfriend and move out of her domineering mother’s house. Nine Ball (Rhianna) is a computer hacker, Constance (Awkwafina) is a hustler and pickpocket, and Tammy (Sarah Paulson) is a suburban housewife who is also fencing stolen goods out of her garage.

Debbie’s plan is to steal the Toussaint, a multi-million dollar necklace made by Cartier, from the Met Gala, and to also use their co-host, actress Daphne Kluger (Anne Hathaway), as the unwitting mule by wearing the necklace at the Gala and steal it from her. The Met Gala will be displaying the Crown Jewels of several nations, and it’s security will be in the form of a water moat surrounding the display area. The Gala is in five weeks, so they have that long to get everything in place in order to pull off the heist. It starts by manipulating Daphne to select Rose to be her stylist at the Gala. Afterwards, Rose and Amita go to Cartier to see the Toussaint. While wearing special glasses designed by Nine Ball, Rose looks at the necklace long enough for Nine Ball to scan it and make a duplicate with a 3-D printer. Meanwhile, Debbie arranges for Daphne to take art dealer Claude Becker (Richard Armitage) as her date. Claude is Debbie’s ex-boyfriend who ratted her out to the feds, leading to her prison sentence. Lou learns of Claude’s involvement and threatens to quit if this job is just to get revenge, but Debbie convinces her he is a necessary part of the plan. While all this is going on, Tammy gets a job with Vogue Magazine, who’s hosting the Gala’s party.

With the Gala days away, Rose discovers an unforeseen glitch in the plan. She learns that once Daphne puts on the necklace, it can only be removed by a special magnet that Cartier’s security guard carries with him. She surreptitiously videos the guard using the magnet, and she passes it along to Nine Ball, who calls on her engineer sister Veronica to make a similar one. On the day of the Gala, Veronica gives the magnet to Nine Ball, and swears she won’t ask why she needed it. The Gala begins, and everyone takes their positions. Debbie is a socialite, Lou, Amita, and Constance are part of the catering team, Tammy is doing her job coordinating the party for Vogue, Rose is with Daphne and Claude, and Nine Ball is controlling the security cameras.

Lou spikes Daphne’s soup, causing her to become violently ill. Nine Ball moves the camera so Daphne cannot be seen entering the women’s restroom to vomit. Debbie stops the security guards from entering the women’s room, where Constance is taking care of Daphne, and removes the necklace at the same time with Veronica’s magnet. With Debbie distracting the guards, Constance leaves the restroom (unseen by the camera) and gives the necklace to Amita, who goes into another restroom and begins to take apart the necklace and use the pieces to create new jewelry, like earrings and broaches. Daphne then leaves her restroom, and the guards see the necklace is gone. The Met then evacuates the guests and begins the search for the necklace. Tammy, hiding the duplicate under her dress, pretends to pull it out of the moat and yells out that she found it. As the guests come back inside, Amita gives the jewelry pieces to Constance and she passes them out to the team members. Everyone then finds a way to change into a party dress and leave the Met wearing the jewelry.

The next day, Cartier discovers the necklace is a fake, and they call on insurance investigator John Frazier (James Corden) to find it. John quickly learns that Debbie was at the Gala, but she has an alibi in that she can be seen on camera the entire time the necklace went missing. While being questioned by John, Debbie tells him that she doesn’t know where the necklace is, but she might know where part of it is. Later that day, while the team is still celebrating their success at Lou’s apartment, Daphne suddenly enters, surprising everyone. Debbie and Lou then reveal that Daphne was in on the plan as well. She saw Rose videoing the magnet and became suspicious. Debbie and Lou then brought her in on the plan to keep her from ratting them out. Daphne agrees to go to Claude’s apartment for an evening of romance, and after she handcuffs him to the bedframe, she takes a picture of the piece of the necklace that Constance planted on him at the Gala. Meanwhile, Debbie and Lou reveal that they hired four older actresses to play socialites who were selling pieces of jewelry (actually pieces of the necklace) and depositing the money into Claude’s bank account. Debbie passes all this information on to John, and he gets Claude arrested for the theft of the Toussaint.

Now knowing that they got away with everything, Daphne then questions Debbie and Lou how come the value of the necklace doesn’t match the payouts the team was promised. It’s then that Debbie and Lou reveal to everyone that in addition to stealing the Toussaint, they also stole all of the Crown Jewels! The glasses used to scan the Toussaint was also used to scan the Crown Jewels, and 3-D copies of them were made as well. They also reveal that while the Met was evacuated, the team’s unknown 9th member, The Amazing Yen (from the original Ocean’s movies) climbed into the rafters of the Met and scaled down in order to take the jewels and switch them out with the fakes. With each member now guaranteed a payout of several million dollars, they go their separate ways. With their new found riches, Rose paid off her debts and opened a dress shop, Amita moved to Paris with a man she met on Tinder, Nine Ball opened a pool hall, Constance bought a loft in the city and became a YouTube star, Tammy bought a warehouse and greatly expanded her fencing business, Daphne became a movie director, and Lou bought a motorcycle and started traveling across the country. The movie ends with Debbie going to visit Danny’s gravesite, where she pours herself a martini and tells Danny that he would have loved it.