Submitted by Chris

Megan Huang (Sara Tanaka) has tape evidence that Dean Pritchard (Jeremy Piven) bribed and then doublecrossed her to get her to shut down Mitch (Luke Wilson), Beanie (Vince Vaughn) and Frank’s (Will Ferrell) fraternity. Pritchard is fired and evicted off campus. The fraternity lives on and moves into Dean Pritchard’s house. Mitch, Beanie and Frank leave the fraternity, but they will always remember Mitch as ‘The Godfather’. Mitch hooks up with Nicole (Ellen Pompeo) after she dumps Mark (Craig Kilborn). Frank becomes an on campus radio DJ and hooks up with Heidi (Juliette Lewis). Beanie becomes the coach for his son’s soccer team. Mark drives his car over a bridge and kills Dean Pritchard by crashing on him in the lake below. We see Blue (Patrick Crenshaw) playing Dust in the Wind in heaven.