Submitted by Tornado Dragon

Abigail, Russell & Edgar make it to the meadow and get the eyebright, but learn from a squirrel belonging to a band of squirrels & field mice in the meadow that the lungwort was on a nearby cliff and inaccessible by foot. The trio counter this problem by creating Cornelius’ dream flying device, the Flapper-Wing-a-ma-Thing, and they fly up there, get the lungwort, and take off back to Dapplewood.

They return at night, crash-landing there after being caught in a storm. Shortly after they arrive at Cornelius’ home to give Michelle the herbs, a gas clean-up crew appears. Mistaking them to be back to cause more harm, they flee. While running, Edgar gets caught in a trap, but a human sees him and sets him free. Cornelius then watches with happy surprise as the human destroys the trap, and he sees how good people can be.

The herbs are given to Michelle, and the next morning, she wakes up completely healed. Cornelius commends the trio, both for their efforts and for constructing and flying his flying device when he sees it. Soon after, the Dapplewood residents return, as well as the trio’s families. Since Michelle’s parents died from the gas, Cornelius takes her in.

Michelle asks Cornelius if anything will ever be the same again, and he replies that if everybody worked as hard to save Dapplewood as the trio did saving her, it will be. The movie ends with an overhead shot of Dapplewood that shows that much of the forest is still alive.