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Lucia AKA Lucy Ramirez (America Ferrera) and Marcus Boyd (Lance Gross) are in love, living together and will be moving to Laos while Marcus works with Doctors without Borders.  They want to do the right thing and get married.  They visit their families in LA for 3 weeks to get married before their trip.

Brad Boyd (Forest Whitaker) meets Miguel Ramirez on the street as strangers while Miguel is towing Brad’s car.  They meet later at a family dinner Lucy and Marcus called to introduce the two families.  It does not go well and the fathers start competing.

In the end, the wedding is completed at Brad’s place.  The fathers make up and realize they are family now.  Miguel gives the car to his wife, Sonia (Diana-Maria Riva).  Brad tells Angela (Regina King) he loves her.

During the credits we see pictures of life after the wedding.  Isabella AKA Izzy Ramirez (Anjelah Johnson), Lucy’s sister, was crying when she caught the wedding bouquet because she’s been seeing an Asian guy.  We see a picture of the Asian guy’s mother and father.  The next picture has Miguel crying on Marcus’ shoulder.