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Travis Henderson (Harry Dean Stanton) reunites with his estranged son Hunter (Hunter Carson). The two set off on a road trip to Houston to find Hunter’s mother, Jane (Natassja Kinski). They track Jane by waiting at the bank where she deposits money to help Hunter.

Jane works at a peep show with a one-way mirror between her and the customer. Travis goes there twice. The second time he turns away from her and relates a story over the phone line about a man and a younger woman getting married and their relationship deteriorating when the wife suffered post-partum depression after the birth of their son.

Eventually, the wife ran off with the son and set the house on fire after the husband turned to alcoholism and physically restraining the wife to keep her from running off.

Jane realizes that it is Travis speaking and expresses sorrow about not being part of Hunter’s childhood. Travis tells Jane that Hunter is in a nearby hotel. That evening, Hunter and Jane reunite at the hotel while Travis watches from afar. Travis gets into his car and drives off.

The title comes from a photo of a piece of property that Travis tells his brother that Travis owns in Paris, Texas.

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