Submitted by Julio M

Cutter (Wesley Snipes) manages to single-handedly finish off the majority of Rane’s (Bruce Payne) henchmen, both onboard the airliner and outside, when they had to land the plane in Louisiana and Cutter was briefly arrested under suspicion of being one of the terrorists; one of the few who survive is Sabrina (Elizabeth Hurley), the henchwoman passing off as a flight attendant -she just gets knocked unconscious when she tries to shoot the pilots, and arrested in the end.

Eventually, Cutter and Rane engage in a fight. While at it, Rane’s gun goes off, shooting a window and causing a blowout that causes explosive decompression, a door to be sucked off and puts the plane at risk of crashing. Flight attendant Marti (Alex Datcher), who has collaborated with Cutter since the beginning of the crisis, clings for dear life, at risk of being blown away, and the passengers have to wear the emergency oxygen masks. Cutter gets the upper hand and, after repeatedly kicking Rane, manages to send him flying off the plane, to his death.

Amidst cheering onboard -led by the old lady who thought Cutter was Arsenio Hall, all along, with everybody doing Arsenio’s famous “whoo!! whoo!!” sign- and in the control tower, the aircraft manages to return to Louisiana; everyone is safely escorted out by the FBI; Delvecchio (Tom Sizemore), Cutter’s friend, gloats to the press as “the hero who conducted the rescue”, when Cutter shows no interest in dealing with that aftermath; and Cutter and Marti -after rejecting a ride from local Sheriff Biggs (Ernie Lively)- walk quietly away, together, into the night.