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Hunter “Patch” Adams (Robin Williams) admits himself to a mental hospital at the start of the film. He’s seen talking to a fellow patient and you can tell that he has an affinity with people and gets along well with all of them. He checks out later to attend medical school where he meets Truman Schiff (Daniel London) and Corinne Fisher (Monica Potter). He annoys the hell out of his roomate Mitch Roman (Phillip Seymour Hoffman) with his unorthodox antics.
He eventually starts up a sort of free clinic on top of a hill in a very scenic landscape with Truman and Corinne. A freaky, timid man comes in one day (can’t remember his name) and Corinne is somewhat disturbed by him but Patch tells her not to treat him any different because he believes the best in everyone and that the man is a patient who needs their help. She receives a call from the freaky man one night and goes to his place which is a really big mansion and he’s playing on the piano. We don’t see what happened after but later it becomes clears that Corinne was murdered by the freaky man and Patch blames himself because earlier on he told her to trust the guy.
He does not go to her funeral but hides a distance away and when everyone’s left, he goes and kisses her coffin. We see him back at the clinic on top of the hill about to commit suicide by jumping off a cliff when a butterfly comes and lands on his shoulder. Earlier on Corinne made a speech about wanting to be like a butterfly and be able to fly away etc. So he sees the butterfly and changes his mind and goes back to helping people.