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After Paulie finishes telling Misha (Tony Shalhoub) his story, Misha decides to take it upon himself to get him to Marie. He frees Paulie from his cage, and then they head to Dr. Reingold’s (Bruce Davison) office, since he had found out where Marie was and probably kept her address in there somewhere.

They initially find nothing, but when Paulie mentions her surname Alweather, this makes Misha think about a piece of scrap paper in his pocket that he took out of Reingold’s book about parrots – which he had read to find out about what kinds of foods parrots liked and subsequently wrote down on the paper – that had the initials “M.A.” and contact information on it. He checks the paper again and realizes that the contact info is Marie’s. He calls the number and gets someone other than Marie on the line, but he tells the person to tell Marie that he’s found Paulie.  

Just then, Reingold and one of his assistants show up. As the assistant tries to get a hold of Paulie, Misha stops him. He tells Reingold that he is taking Paulie to Marie and then he verbally submits his resignation to him. Reingold and lab security try to prevent Misha and Paulie from leaving, but the two eventually manage to get away.  

Misha takes Paulie to Marie’s house, and Paulie finds that Marie (Trini Alvarado) is now a grown woman. She is happy to see him, but he doesn’t believe it’s her, since he only remembers her younger self. However, when Marie then sings the Randy Newman song “Marie” to him (which was her favorite song), he realizes that he has found her at last. Overjoyed, he flies over to her. Misha is confused over how Paulie flew, and tells Marie that his wings had been clipped, but she replies that the feathers must have grown back.

Feeling that his work is done, Misha bids Marie and Paulie farewell, but Marie invites him into her home. Paulie points out to him that Marie has flowers in her hair, and probably has books on her table, too (like Misha’s ideal woman), and reminds him to not be afraid to speak. Swayed by Paulie’s words, Misha takes Marie up on her invitation, and the movie closes with Paulie about to tell Marie his whole story as the three enter her house.