Submitted by Melissa S

Mr. Hopper is a cop in a tiny town called Stone Cold. It’s the tenth anniversary of his young sons abduction. A total of 14 kids were kidnapped and never seen again.

When Mr. Hopper gets to work there is an odd man, Mr. Perkins, in one of the holding cells. Mr. Hopper suspects this is the man who kidnapped the kids, he’s right. Hopper sends his friend, a fellow cop, to Mr. Perkins home, in the basement he finds cages where all 14 kids, who are now adults have been turned into zombie-like freaks. Mr. Perkins had been injecting the kids with PCP for years and depriving them of human contact and sunlight.

The 14 “zombies” escape and kill the officer. Mr. Hopper kills Perkins. The “zombies” start killing everyone in town.

Mr.Hopper, his teen daughter and wife, as well as a couple others end up in the police station fighting off the zombie kids. All are killed except Mr. Hopper and his daughter Daisy. He locks Daisy in a holding cell and gives her a shot gun and then he goes to try and find his long lost Zombie son in hopes of bringing him back to reality.

Hopper finds his son and hugs him but during the hug his son (Kyle) breaks Hoppers neck, grabs his keys and kills his sister Daisy in the holding cell by shooting her with the shot gun her father gave her.