Submitted by Jeremy

Peter Pan (Alexander Molony) shows up in London to whisk away the Darling siblings – Wendy, John, and Michael – to Neverland with help from Tinker Bell (Yara Shahidi). There, Wendy (Ever Anderson) meets the Lost Boys, Tiger Lily, and the fiendish band of pirates led by the notorious Captain James Hook (Jude Law).

Peter and Hook used to be best friends until Peter sent Hook away from Neverland for missing his mother. He ended up lost at sea and grew vengeful and angry towards Peter. Hook captures Wendy, her brothers, and the Lost Boys, and Wendy offers herself as a sacrifice so that Hook won’t kill the other kids. With help from Tink and Tiger Lily, Peter engages in a final battle with the pirates, along with Wendy and the Lost Boys, and the pirates fall into the ocean.

Peter brings the Darlings and Lost Boys to London to live normal lives, while he and Tink return to Neverland. Hook survives and appears mutually happy to see Peter, hinting that they might still have a playful rivalry between them.

01 hours 46 minutes