Submitted by Graham

Short Version:
The busted camera contains tape that is still in playable condition. It reveals that Josh (Luke Spencer Roberts), Mark (Justin Matthews) and Ashley (Chelsea Lopez) were abducted by a UFO.

Long Version:
The first hour or so of the film shows a documentary project that Sophie (Florence Hartigan) is making regarding the disappearance of her brother Josh along with two of his friends, Mark and Ashley. It shows footage Josh filmed of the famous “Phoenix Lights” UFO incident and investigations the three carried out afterwards, which show what appear to be some suspicious goings on by government and law enforcement types. Intercut with this are Sophie’s efforts to interview people about the disappearances.

Eventually, Sophie finds an old movie camera which had been mailed to Josh at his school and lay forgotten in a desk draw ever since. The camera is badly burned, but still has a tape which can be played. It shows the three going out into the desert, where they witness a strange light in the sky. As they head back for their car a UFO passes directly overhead. Mark begins behaving strangely after the encounter, refusing to talk about it. The three struggle to get back to civilisation, but the light keeps returning. It paralyses their car, forcing them to try to walk back to civilisation. As they walk the UFO returns, and Mark vanishes. Ashley is next, seen on camera to be yanked up into the air by a UFO. Josh takes refuge in a nearby house, but is quickly abducted himself. His camera flies high up into the air with him, only to fall back to the ground.

We never get a solid look at the UFO, we never see any aliens at all, and we never get any explanation of whatever government involvement there might be.

The film ends with a graphic saying that thousands of people saw the Phoenix Lights, and that no connection to the disappearances has ever been proven.