Submitted by Tubbycat

One of the girls fall out of the tree breaking her arm. The mother Beatrice (Frances Barber) also eats one of the flowers and climbs the tree; she falls and breaks her neck. The Reverend (the father and husband, played by Ben Kingsley) goes and chops the tree down, determined to destroy what so nearly cost him his entire family. Charles rushes to the clearing where the tree stood and sees the destruction. He finds some of the flowers still in the tree trunk, and eats one of them. He sees the fairies desperately flying around, being burned by the bonfire and he bashes the Reverend over the head and he dies.
Final scenes are of Charles in prison having his last meal before he is hanged for murder. He unfolds his handkerchief revealing the last flower, which he eats just as they come to lead him out to the noose. He smiles as it is put around his neck and as he falls the viewpoint “falls” into a black hole. Then we see Charles back at the start, rescuing his fiancée on the snowy mountain – a happy ending of sorts.