Submitted by Joseph C

Wayne Fletcher (Lon Chaney Jr) is accused of murdering his wife by smothering her with a pillow. Wayne is having an affair with his young secretary, Donna (Brenda Joyce). Donna’s wealthy family hate Wayne and are sure he is guilty. Her elderly aunts are eager for Wayne to be charged with no investigation. Family friend Julian is a medium who holds a seance to identify the killer. The dead wife’s voice is heard accusing Wayne. However, Wayne finds Julian’s hidden helper and exposes Julian as a fraud. The police suspect Julian committed the murder and arrest him. Donna’s aunt Amelia locks up Wayne & Donna, with plans to kill them, for exposing Julian. Julian is released in time to free Wayne & Donna.

Wayne continues to hear his wife’s voice accusing him of murder. The voice tells him he must kill Donna. He begins to choke her. The police arrive in time to rescue her. The voice tells Wayne to jump out the window. Wayne jumps to his death.

Note: a lot of the initial mystery is left unresolved. In the setup, a big deal is made over strange events in the house. Doors open and close on their own. Objects move. Voices and chains are heard from the attic. None of this is explained.