Submitted by Brett

Elizabeth Swan (Keira Knightley) turns on Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) at the end of the film by chaining him to the Black Pearl’s mast as the rest of the crew (Orlando Bloom included) escape from the ship due to imminent attack and destruction of it by Davy Jones’ Monster,The Kraken.

Swan tells everybody in the lifeboat they escape in that Jack has decided to remain aboard and go down with his ship (the crew had already climbed into the lifeboat before Swan turned on Sparrow) and they sail awy from the Black Pearl.

Sparrow Manages to slip out of his shackles just as the Kraken appears on all sides of the ship,trapping him.

Sparrow grabs a sword and the last we see of him is he attacking the Kraken and being Consumed by it. The Kraken destroys the Black Pearl and drags her underwater to her grave.

Davy Jones and his crew see this (as do the Black Pearls survivors) and proclaims Sparrows debt fulfilled.

At the end of the film, the Pearl’s survivors drink a toast to Sparrow and then are told by the Witch doctor from earlier in the film that they can still bring Sparrow and the Black pearl back-they all agree (even Elizabeth,who nobody knows left Sparrow to his doom).

The witch doctor says if they are to manage this,they will need to go to the world’s end (the rumoured title of the third movie) and will need a strong captain who knows where to go and be able to steer a ship like the devil himself. She says she knows such a man and we hear footsteps.

The man comes down the stairs and all the crew are astonished at who the man is.

The captain is Barbossa (Geoffrey Rush, who died at the end of the first film)

He smiles at them all and asks them where his ship (The Black Pearl) is and where is Jack Sparrow?

He starts laughing and bites into a shiny green apple as the film ends.

After the credits roll, we once again see the cannibal tribe from earlier in the movie. As the camera pans past all kinds of crazy tribal dancing, we see the dog (the one the cannibals were last seen chasing) seated on a throne, with a human bone in his mouth.