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Ria Khan (Priya Kansara)is an aspiring stuntwoman, while her older sister Lena (Ritu Arya) is an art school dropout who has fallen into a depression. Their family is invited to an Eid party by the wealthy Raheela Shah, who intends for her son Salim to be set up with Lena. After Ria discovers a room in their mansion with photographs of multiple women, including Lena, Ria believes the Shahs have sinister intentions. Making matters worse is that Lena quickly gets engaged to Salim.

Ria enlists her friends Alba and Clara to help get dirt on Salim, but he appears to be as well-intentioned as he seems. Ria’s obsession with breaking up her sister’s engagement drives a wedge between her and Lena, and also alienates her friends from her. When Ria tries planting dirt on Salim, she learns about his late wife and feels remorseful. When her mother orders her to make things right, Ria goes back to the Shah house and learns that Raheela truly is planning something sinister with Lena. Ria finds a lab containing info on Lena’s biological makeup, but when she tries to warn her family, her cries fall on deaf ears.

Ria apologizes to her friends and even teams up with bully Kovacs to infiltrate the wedding and save Lena. Raheela fights Ria and reveals that the plan is to create a clone of Raheela by having Salim inseminate Lena, so that the new Raheela can live the life she never could due to the sacrifices she made for Salim. After the plan is revealed in front of everyone at the wedding, Ria and Lena’s mother helps the girls escape. Ria knocks Raheela out with a spinning kick while Lena kicks Salim in the balls, and they are left to be arrested.

Ria and Lena reconcile, and Ria gets a message from her idol, stuntwoman Eunice Huthart, inviting her to meet to help her in her ambitions.

01 hours 43 minutes