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The bazaar is a huge success thanks to Pollyanna’s (Hayley Mills) efforts however while trying to sneak past Aunt Polly (Jane Wyman), who had forbidden her to go, by climbing the tree into her room she falls from the window and paralyzes herself.

Aunt Polly feels intense guilt for not showing Pollyanna enough love, while Pollyanna is devastated to be told the extent of her injuries to the point she refuses to play the ‘Glad Game’. ¬†The entire town turns up to see Pollyanna upon learning about what happened, and express their love and gratitude towards her as well as sharing various pieces of good news; Mr. Pendergast (Adolphe Menjou) adopts Jimmy Bean (Kevin Corcoran) while Nancy (Nancy Olson) gets engaged to George (James Drury). This helps Pollyanna’s usual happy nature and good spirits to return, and she leaves for Baltimore for the operation with Aunt Polly and Doctor Chilton (Richard Egan) for an operation that is hoped will correct her injury with everyone bidding her farewell, while Harrington is nicknamed ‘The Glad Town’.