Submitted by Michael R

Frank “The Punisher” Castle accidentally kills an undercover federal agent during his attempts to kill Billy Russoti (Dominic West). Russoti eventually becomes Jigsaw after a glass crusher nearly kills him. Castle attempts to reconcile with undercover agents wife Angela Donatelli (Julie Benz) and her daughter Grace (Stephanie Janusauskas). All the while Jigsaw get outs his brother Looney Bin Jim (Doug Hutchson) out the nut house and Agent Paul Budiansky (Colin Salmon) trying to bring Frank into custody. Only to realize that Detective Martin Soap (Dash Mihok) and the NYPD don’t want to bring Frank in because they don’t want to or that Frank is the solution to the crime problem. Jigsaw, Looney Bin Jim, and his associate go to get back the money that persumed to be at Angela house. Frank eventually hides Anglea and Grace at his safehouse only to be abducted by Jigsaw and Jim. Frank then goes to the hiding place of the two and blow up some gangsters. Frank his then force to choose between the girls or Linus “Microchip” Lieberman (Wayne Knight). Frank is able to kill Jim but Microchip gets killed in the process. Jigsaw then gets burned to death. Agent Paul and Detective Martin let Frank go to fight another day.