Submitted by Jeremy

John Rambo (Sylvester Stallone) has been living peacefully on his father’s ranch in Arizona with his friend Maria and her granddaughter Gabrielle (Yvette Monreal). When Gabrielle learns that her father Miguel has been found in Mexico, she travels there against Rambo and Maria’s wishes to meet with her friend Jezel and find Miguel. When she does find him, Miguel tells her flat out that he never wanted to be her father. Jezel takes Gabrielle to a club to cheer her up, but she is kidnapped by a Mexican cartel led by brothers Hugo and Victor Martinez.

Rambo finds out and goes to Mexico to save Gabrielle, but the cartel beats him, and the brothers torture Gabrielle after learning of her connection to Rambo. A woman named Carmen Delgado, whose own sister ended up dead because of the Martinez brothers, helps Rambo recover. He goes to a brothel to recover Gabrielle, but she dies on the way home due to being forcibly drugged over a few days. Rambo and Maria must bury her, and Maria goes to stay with her sister.

Rambo returns to Mexico for revenge and is helped by Carmen to find Victor (Óscar Jaenada). Rambo slaughters Victor and his guards to lure Hugo back to the ranch, which he has rigged with traps and explosives. Sure enough, Hugo and his men storm the ranch, where they are blown up, blasted, or eviscerated. Rambo saves Hugo for last and brutally kills him by cutting his chest open and ripping his heart out.

Although weakened in the final battle, Rambo vows to continue fighting for the memories of his loved ones.