Submitted by Jeremy

Robert Montague Renfield has been the loyal assistant to Count Dracula for centuries, bringing him victims to feed off of. He has grown tired of evil deeds and hopes for a new life. Renfield befriends Officer Rebecca Quincy, who is trying to bring down the Lobos gang that murdered her father, a decorated officer, and captain.

Once Renfield starts trying to become independent of the Count, Dracula becomes angry at the perceived betrayal, and he kills members of a support group that Renfield is part of. When Rebecca thinks Renfield committed the murders, she tries to arrest him but learns that almost all her fellow officers are corrupt and working with the Lobos.

Dracula teams up with Lobos boss Bella and her son Teddy for world domination and to kill Renfield. They kidnap Rebecca’s FBI agent sister, Kate, forcing her and Renfield to team up and go after the villains. Dracula turns Teddy and the other Lobos into familiars like Renfield, giving them similar powers to him, but he manages to kill all of them. Kate has already been killed, and Dracula offers Rebecca a chance to join him to save her, but she and Renfield work together to trap the Count and rip him apart.

The two use Dracula’s blood to revive Kate (and Renfield’s support group), and Bella is arrested, signaling the end of the Lobos criminal empire. Renfield and Rebecca become friends now that he is a free man.

01 hours 33 minutes