Submitted by Robert W

Bernard (Bob Newhart) and Bianca (Eva Gabor) find themselves trying to help a young boy who has befriended a rare eagle.  The boy is captured by the vicious McLeach (George C. Scott), and he eventually sets a trap to snag the eagle, using the boy as bait.

In the end, however, Bernard and Bianca, with the help of a local, manage to thwart McLeach’s plan, freeing the eagle and the boy.  McLeach then ends up going a waterfall as his pet lizard waves at him.  Bernard and Bianca fly away with the eagle, the boy, and the cohort, and Bernard proposes to Bianca.  She accepts.

Meanwhile, Wilbur (John Candy), who has been assigned to watch the eagle’s eggs, is shocked when they hatch.  He tries to play cute with them but gets bitten.