Submitted by Enigma

On their way to California, Jess and Nicole stop at a Rest Area. While Nicole is in the bathroom, Jess abducted by the driver of the yellow pickup. Nicole comes out and finds him gone. See goes back into the restroom, and a girl appears and tells her about the driver.

A cop shows up and Nicole thinks she is safe, however the driver returns and traps them in the bathroom. He gives her a camera with a recording of him torturing and killing Jess. The driver then sets the bathroom on fire. Nicole manages to escape, and as dawn approaches, she sees the yellow truck coming. Using a make-shift Maltov cocktail, she sets the truck on fire, only to find out the driver isn’t in the truck. He appears behind Nicole, and the screen fades to black.

In the epilogue, a different girl goes into the bathroom of the rest area, and Nicole is there vomiting blood and begging for help. The girl goes and gets the park ranger, but when the return to the restroom, Nicole is gone.

The final shot is of the yellow truck driving down the road.