Submitted by Sabrina

Working for MP Henry Harding (Tom Bell), Peter (Christien Anholt), a computer technician, infiltrates the inner circle of club owner/dominatrix Tanya Cheex (Guinevere Turner) in order to gather solid video evidence of acts of bodily harm to prosecute her.

He falls in love with her and tries to warn her that she will be sent to jail if she gets prosecuted. He tells her to leave with him and abanadon her lifestyle so that she can avoid it all. Of course, she refuses to do so.

They end up sleeping together even though it is one of Tanya’s forbidden rules as a mistress. She tells Peter she never want to see him again.

Peter finally submits sufficient evidence to take Tanya to court. On the day of the trial, he is summoned to testify about the authenticity of the videos. He ends up recanting his deposition, saying that all the acts portrayed were simulated and that Tanya is as innocent as MP Harding and his secretary, Miss Wilderspin (Georgina Hale) are. The judge has no choice but to dismiss the case. Peter, however is found guilty of perjury, is held in contempt of court and is sent to jail.

A journalist visits Peter in jail to get his side of the story, but Peter refuses to say anything. He tells him to get Miss Wilderspin and MP Harding instead. The journalist raids Miss Wilderspin’s house; she and MP Harding flee and hide in her basement, where he finds evidence of her love for him. He ends up asking her to marry him just as the journalist break down the basement door.

Nine months later, Peter is released from jail and is met, at his surprise, by a very pregnant Tanya, who confirms that she is having his baby. In the end, we see Peter working for Tanya as her new club manager, thus allowing him to be near her and their child.