Submitted by Don P

To recover a shipment of stolen rifles, ex Confederate officer Richard Boone (who wages a personal war against the Apache who killed his family) and Tony Franciosa (a Mexican condemned to die) are sprung from the stockade and go with Stuart Whitman (the Union officer who lost the rifles) and Jim Brown (the football player in his first movie role).  

Our band of misfits cross the border with a wagon full of gun powder in search of Edmond O’Brien (a renegade Confederate officer still at war with the Union) who has the rifles and plans to give them to the Apache.  Along the way they pick up an Apache girl (Wende Wagner, before she was the Green Hornets secretary on TV).  Tony Franciosa  tries to betray the team but Richard Boone blows him away.  Finally locating O’Brien, Boone snaps when provoked by the Apache Chief and our heroes are tortured by a horse dragging.  That night they break free and blow up the wagon and the rifles.