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Robbie defeats Togar and maintains control of the pride. Hank’s family realizes the big cats are generally friendly and they all bond with the animals.

Long Ending:
This film was made using 150 untrained big cats. Virtually every actor and crew member were attacked by the animals during filming. Notably, Jan de Bont was almost scalped by a lion, Melanie Griffith received a facial injury requiring 50 stitches, and Noel Marshall sustained so many injuries he developed gangrene.

A doctor named Hank (Noel Marshall) lives in a large house in Africa amongst a huge pride of big cats. He imported non-native cats like tigers, mountain lions, black panthers, and leopards to live with the lions. He hopes to show that man and animal can co-exist peacefully. Two local councilmembers, Prentiss (Steve Miller) and Rick (Rick Glassey) think that Hank is crazy and want to kill all the big cats. Even Hank’s best friend Mativo (Kyalo Mativo) fears the animals. Things get heated when a big fight between the head of the pride – a lion named Robbie – and bloodthirsty challenger – a lion named Togar – fight. Hank manages to break up the fight, but not before he, Prentiss, Rick and various others are mauled by the cats. Hank then departs for the very long journey to the airport.

Hank’s family arrives to visit him for the first time in Africa. They include his wife Madelaine (Tippi Hedren), sons John (John Marshall) and Jerry (Jerry Marshall), and daughter Melanie (Melanie Griffith). They are unaware that Hank is literally living amongst hundreds of big cats. Hank, because of a series of mishaps, misses his family’s arrival. They take a bus to his home and are terrified to find the place overrun with all manner of wild animals. They try to hide as the animals destroy the furniture and furnishings. The family evens suspects the lions and tigers have eaten Hank. Togar tries to kill the family members, but Robbie intervenes and fights him off. Hank, realizing his family must have gone to his house, starts the hours-long trek back home.

The family attempts to flee the home to get help several times. Each escape attempt is thwarted by the animals. They are even attacked by a pair of elephants who destroy a boat they try to flee on down a river. Eventually, the family manages to find a second shelter on the property and they collapse with exhaustion therein. A bunch of the big cats enter while the family sleeps, and they simply lay down for a nap with them.

Pentiss and Rick decide to kill the cats while Hank is away. Although they kill several lions and tigers (including Robbie’s son), they are attacked and killed by Togar. Emboldened by his victory over the hunters, Togar decides to challenge Robbie for leadership of the pride.

When the family awaken and find the big cats sleeping peacefully next to them, they realize that the animals were not trying to kill them. The family bond with all of the tigers, lions, elephants, and other animals. Hank returns, but is too late to stop Togar and Robbie from fighting. Robbie prevails and Togar accepts his leadership. The fight appears to have made Togar peaceful. The family reunites and the film ends with them (as well as Mativo) playing happily with the animals.