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Dennis overcomes his injury to finish the marathon. In so doing, he gains self-respect and the admiration of his family and friends. Libby breaks up with Whit and later agrees to go on a date with Dennis.

Long Ending:
Dennis (Simon Pegg), in a fit of depression, flees his wedding and leaves his pregnant fiancee Libby (Thandiwe Newton) at the altar. Many years pass, and Dennis works a dead-end job as a security guard and lives in a basement apartment. He often falls behind on his rent, much to the annoyance of his landlord Goshdashtidar (Harish Patel), and Goshdashtidar’s daughter Maya (India de Beaufort). Although Dennis is a loving dad to his young son Jake (Matthew Fenton), he’s very unreliable. One night when picking up Jake, he learns that Libby is seriously dating a new guy named Whit (Hank Azaria).

Dennis tells his best friend Gordon (Dylan Moore) that he still loves Libby and wants to win her back. He begins spending more time with Libby, Jake, and Whit. Dennis feels inadequate, given that Whit is successful, rich, good with Jake, well endowed, and in great shape. When Whit announces that he’s running in an upcoming marathon, Dennis declares that he’ll run it too. Whit mocks Dennis, noting that he doesn’t have the drive and ambition necessary to run a marathon.

Dennis’ preparations are lackadaisical at first. However, Gordon becomes his coach after betting his life savings on Dennis finishing the race. Goshdashtidar (a hopeless romantic) comes on board as Dennis’ assistant coach after hearing about Dennis’ motivation. The two coaches get Dennis on a consistent training regiment, buy him shoes, help him heal from injuries, and even get him the charitable sponsorship necessary to enter the race (for an erectile dysfunction drug, a cameo by Stephen Merchant). Dennis becomes so confident that he makes a bet with Maya where, if he finishes the race, she’ll forgive his unpaid rent (and if he doesn’t finish, he’ll move out).

Just before the race, Whit proposes to Libby, and she accepts. A despondent Dennis decides to quit, burning bridges with his coaches. That night, Jake runs away. Dennis finds him and learns that Jake ran away because a girl he liked broke up with him. When Dennis asks why he didn’t fight for the girl, Jake says he ran away like Dennis always does. Realizing he needs to set a new example for his son, Dennis changes his mind and goes to the marathon.

During the race, Dennis and Whit get into an argument, and they collide with each other early on. Both men are injured in the fall, and Whit goes to the hospital. However, despite having injured his ankle, Dennis continues to run at a snail’s pace. As night falls, Dennis’ refusal to give up attracts media attention. His coaches and numerous other fans come to cheer Dennis on. Libby sees Dennis on the news, where a replay shows that Whit intentionally tripped Dennis. Disgusted, Libby breaks off their engagement.

Nine miles from the end, Dennis hits a “runner’s wall” where he can’t breathe and feels like dying. However, thanks to his newfound ambition and drive, he is able to recover and continue running. Dennis collapses a few feet from the finish line. However, Libby and Jake show up to support him, and that gives Dennis the motivation to get back up and finish the marathon. The large crowd celebrates. A few weeks later, Dennis picks Jake up, and Libby agrees to date him. He remarks that he is still running every day.

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