Submitted by Evil Ed

Terrorists open the spillway on the dam upstream of the salmon fishery created by Sheikh Muhammad (a charismatic Amr Waked). The resulting deluge almost kills the Sheikh and Fred Jones (Ewan McGregor), a British fisheries expert in a loveless marriage who has become romantically involved with the idealistic Harriet Chetwode-Talbot (Emily Blunt). The Sheikh saves Fred from drowning to pay back the debt of Fred saving the Sheikh from an assassination attempt earlier in the film.

When it looks like all hope is lost, a salmon leaps from the wreckage-strewn river. Fred decides to stay in Yemen with Harriet to help the Sheikh rebuild the fishery.

(Winning performances all around and a hilarious turn from Kristen Scott Thomas as the Press Secretary to the British Prime Minister make this movie a must see, despite the simple denouement.)