Submitted by Thaddeus

Daniel Matthews and Amanda escape through a hidden door located in the floor of the room the victims originally awoke in, after noticing the blood from Xavier’s first victim outlining it. Being chased by Xavier through some hallways, they wind up in the bathroom from the original Saw movie, which houses both Adam’s still-chained corpse and the corpse of Dr. Gordon. Daniel kills Xavier with one of the old saw blades.

Losing his cool during his interrogation of Jigsaw, Detective Eric Matthews proceeds to brutalize Jigsaw in hopes of getting the house’s location out of him. Nearing the end of the game, Jigsaw agrees to take him to the house, but only him and no one else. Matthews drives to the house as Jigsaw gives directions. Jigsaw gives him a key, stating that he’ll need it inside the house. Matthews uses it to unlock a barred doorway and makes his way through the house (which is littered with the bodies of the victims) until he comes to the bathroom.

Back at Jigsaw’s lair, the tech team had traced the signal from the cameras to a house and went to the location with a SWAT team, only to find more computer monitors with VCRs playing the video feed on them–the whole thing had been recorded a while ago, and the VCRs set up at a different house than the deadly game. When the timer runs out at Jigsaw’s lair, a safe pops open with Daniel Matthews alive inside. If only the detective had listened when Jigsaw told him all he had to do was talk for a while and he would see his son again.

Matthews enters the bathroom and someone wearing Jigsaw’s cloak and a pig’s mask stabs him with a needle. He wakes with his leg in a chain and a tape recorder next to him. The tape has Amanda’s voice on it, explaining that Matthews had planted evidence to set her up as a druggy so he could send her to jail, which is where she actually became involved in drugs. Then Jigsaw got hold of her, and after she survived his game, he became her father figure. Jigsaw had asked Matthews what the cure for cancer was, and Amanda explains the only cure for it and death itself was immortality, and so she would continue on Jigsaw’s work after his death, making him immortal. Her first test? Detective Matthews. Amanda appears in the doorway of the bathroom, and as she slams the door shut, she proclaims, “Game over.” Matthews’ screams resound and the screen goes black as the dying Jigsaw, back in the car, hears the detective’s screams…and smiles.