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When Cindy (Anna Faris) tried to sucker punch the other boxer, she created a chaotic domino effect where pretty much everyone in the stadium got injured, and the little boy was killed. That is why his soul is haunting her. The little boy just happens to also be the love child of an Asian woman and the leader of the alien invaders (the Jigsaw puppet). The leader calls off the attack when he sees how Tom’s kids love him enough to forgive him for being a bad father, as well as some influence from Brenda (Regina Hall), who later gives birth to a child with an alien head. 

The movie ends with Tom (Craig Bierko) appearing on an Oprah-like show and celebrating his love for Cindy, throwing her around and humping his shoe like mad.  He also beats the living hell out of Oprah.

NOTE: This is a combination of two Poopers sent in by Robert W. and Herbmeistr who also notes that…”The movies spoofed in Scary Movie 4: War of the Worlds, The Grudge, Saw (I & II), Brokeback Mountain, The Village, Fahrenheit 9/11 and Million Dollar Baby.”