Submitted by James F. for the Pooper and Evan for the "Order of Death"

Ultra Short:
Jill (Emma Roberts) and Charlie (Rory Culkin) are the killers. Jill kills Charlie, Sidney (Neve Campbell) kills Jill.

Regular Short:
Jill (Emma Roberts), Sidney’s (Neve Campbell) cousin, and Charlie (Rory Culkin), one of the biggest movie geeks in school, are the killers. They recorded all of the murders with the plan of framing Sidney and Jill’s ex-boyfriend Trevor (Nico Tortorella) for the crime. But Jill turns on Charlie, killing him, explaining to Sidney that her real motivation is to gain the same sort of fame that Sidney did after the events of the previous films. She stabs Sidney and stages a crime scene. Jill is taken to the hospital, where Dewey (David Arquette) informs her that Sidney survived her wounds. Panicked, Jill goes to Sidney’s room and attempts to murder her. Meanwhile, Dewey and his wife Gale (Courtney Cox) have figured out that Jill is the murderer, and they all wind up in a confrontation. In the end, Sidney shocks Jill with a defibrillator, then shoots and kills her. Outside the hospital, a group of reporters mistakenly report that Jill is a hero. 

Order of Deaths:
Sherry (Lucy Hale) and Trudie (Shenae Grimes) – “killed” by Ghostface as part of the”movie,” Stab 6.
Rachel (Anna Paquin) – “killed” by Chloe (Kristen Bell) as part of the “movie,” Stab 7
Marnie – the first real death, killed off-screen by Ghostface
Jenny (Aimee Teagarden) – stabbed by Ghostface and crushed by a garage door.
Olivia – stabbed, thrown through a window, and gutted by Ghostface
Rebecca (Alison Brie) – Stabbed by Ghostface and thrown off of a parking garage onto the roof of a newsvan covering Sheriff Dewey’s news conference
Detective Hoss (Adam Brody) – Stabbed in the back by Ghostface
Deputy Perkins (Anthony Anderson) – Stabbed in the forehead by Ghostface
Aunt Kate Roberts – Stabbed in the back of the head (through the mail slot) by Ghostface while barricading the front door
Robbie – Stabbed multiple times by Ghostface, bleeds to death
Kirby – Stabbed in the heart by Charlie
Trevor – shot by Jill, once in the testicles and once in the head
Charlie – Stabbed in the heart by Jill
Jill –  shocked and shot by Sidney