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One year after surviving their Ghostface ordeal in Woodsboro, sisters Sam and Tara Carpenter, plus twins Mindy and Chad Meeks-Martin, go to New York City for college. Sam is blamed for the whole killing spree, supposedly framing Richie Kirsch and Amber Freeman for what happened, all because of her being Billy Loomis’s daughter. After two wannabe Ghostface killers are murdered, a true new Ghostface emerges, going after Sam and Tara for the last attack.

The first victims are film professor Laura Crane, who was killed by Jason, before he and Greg were taken out by the real Ghostface. He kills some people in a bodega before killing Sam’s therapist Dr. Stone. This leads to police and the FBI getting involved, with Ghostface survivor Kirby Reed joining in on the case, along with Gale Weathers, who is on sour terms with Sam and Tara because she wrote an exploitative book on the last spree. Sidney Prescott is absent due to going into hiding with her family. Ghostface then attacks the group in their apartment, killing Tara’s roommate Quinn Bailey and Mindy’s girlfriend Anika Kayoko. Quinn’s father Detective Bailey then joins the hunt for Ghostface.

After Gale is attacked and almost killed, the group plans to lure Ghostface to an abandoned movie theater made into a museum for the previous Ghostface killers. Chad and Mindy both get stabbed in the process. Bailey calls Sam and tries to make her think that Kirby is unstable and is the killer, before it turns out that he, plus Chad’s friend Ethan Landry and a very-not-dead Quinn are the main Ghostface trio. Their motive is revenge against Sam, because they were Richie’s family and want her dead for killing him. Sam and Tara face off against them, with Tara stabbing Ethan in the mouth and Sam shooting Quinn in the head. She corners Bailey and stabs him repeatedly before finishing him with a stab to the eye. Ethan is still alive until Kirby kills him with the TV that Sidney used to kill Stu Macher.

Chad, Mindy, and Gale all pull through, and Sam and Tara repair their relationship.

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