Submitted by Evil Ed

In Memory of Richard Rountree. This was one of the most successful Blaxploitation films of all-time with a score by Isaac Hayes.

Shaft (Richard Roundtree), Bumpy (the great Moses Gunn), and Ben (Christopher St. John) cooperate to rescue Bumpy’s daughter Marcy (Sherri Brewer). Ben, Shaft, and Ben’s men kill the mafioso in the hotel where Marcy is being held, while Bumpy supplies taxicabs for the getaway.

NYPD Lt. Androzzi (Charles Cioffi) lets Shaft get away with the assault, but Shaft calls Androzzi to tell him “You’re going to have to close it [the case] yourself, Shitty”, referencing a scene earlier in the film where Shaft tells a white hooker to “Close it [the door] yourself, Shitty”, after she tells Shaft that he is great in bed, but “pretty shitty afterwards”. Androzzi had bugged Shaft’s apartment and mockingly called Shaft “Shitty” when he visited the apartment after the hooker had left.

01 hours 40 minutes