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While in Shanghai Liam (Ken Leung) finds out that Micki (Kelly Hu) is engaged to a rich jealous man.  Micki does not love him and is only marrying him to secure a financial future for her siblings.  After much thought, Liam signs over his grandmother’s condo to Micki so she does not have to enter a loveless marriage.  He then heads back to the US.

Back in LA, Liam visits Adelaide (Hayden Panettiere) at her home and tells her to go to Paris for her Art education.  She tells him that she is already going. He leaves knowing he did the right thing but is still a little disappointed.

One year later, Liam goes to the airport with roses to meet Adelaide.  When he spots her, he sees her kiss a man goodbye.  Upset, he walks a way from the airport thrashing the roses on the way out.  Adelaide sees him and meets up with him.  Liam tells her how he saw her with the guy and she says that was her instructor and he is gay.  After a little chit-chat they hug and you are left to believe they work everything out.